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New-patient Generating Tool! The Power of Acupuncture Happy Hour

Acupuncture Happy Hour

We've introduced you to the powers of hosting an Acupuncture Happy Hour event and how they have the capacity to drive new patients through your doors and increase your patient referrals.

I even shared a link to the training I did that talks about all of this - if you missed it, you can view it here.

If you recall, an Acupuncture Happy Hour is a way for you to quickly share with people how acupuncture can help them.

It serves a few powerful purposes:

1)  It introduces people to the power of what magical auricular acupuncture points can do for them – ie. reduce stress and alleviate anxiety

2)  It gets them over their fear of needles – using…

Seirin J-30, ½ inch needles = painless =
happy new patient who felt no needle prick at all

3)  It brings people into your clinic where you can talk with them face-to-face and turn them into a first-time paying patient

Here's how it works:

Determine how you will offer the Acupuncture Happy Hour event. If you are doing a talk, health fair or any type of out-of-the office marketing, offering people to come in for a complimentary mini stress-reduction treatment is the perfect call-to-action.


A call-to-action is what gets that person to step foot into your clinic and try acupuncture. In this example, to come in for a mini stress-reduction treatment or similar treatment.

Determine what your offer is

Are you going to offer a free mini stress-reduction treatment or charge a small fee for it? Perhaps it’s a free consultation. Or a free Report of Findings. We’ll use a mini stress-reduction in our example.

How will you promote your Acupuncture Happy Hour event?
You have plenty of options, such as:

  • hosting it in your clinic to stimulate referrals
  • use it as part of a patient reactivation campaign
  • or, as your call-to-action when you do any external marketing event.

Invite the people in your community to your Acupuncture Happy Hour event with the sole purpose of getting them to come to your practice to experience your services and give acupuncture a try.

This Acupuncture Happy Hour technique breaks down HUGE HURDLES and the OBJECTIONS people have about acupuncture.

How many times have you heard…

  1. "Acupuncture doesn't really work"
  2. "I heard it's kind of hocus-pocus"

And people with needle phobias often say...

  1. "ugh, I hate needles"
  2. "seriously, no way, these things probably hurt like heck!"

Way too many times, I'm sure.

But by offering an Acupuncture Happy Hour, you overcome these huge hurdles! Simply put, you are using ear Point Zero and Shen Men. That's it!

Just two super-powerful points. These two points, Point Zero and Shen Men to my knowledge, have the capacity to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety rather quickly!

Add it all together…

2 powerful stress reducing and anxiety-alleviating ear points
(Point Zero and Shen Men)
Seirin J .30's
one relaxed person who didn't feel any needle discomfort

(now a potential new patient for you!)

Through this single Acupuncture Happy Hour event you have helped one prospective patient overcome two major objections that many people have about acupuncture.

Major Objection One: It doesn't work
Well, let them be the judge. They are most likely more relaxed and calm after treatment relative to how they were feeling at the beginning of the appointment, maybe a little anxious, right?!

When you ask them how they feel after the mini-session, patients will often say “calm and relaxed.” You'll even hear many of them simply say "different."  There you go!

Major Objection Two: It's painful or it will hurt
If you're using ear needles most likely people won't feel discomfort. Overall, ear points are pretty benign in the insertion/pain experience.

By offering Acupuncture Happy Hour events, those individuals become that much more of believers in acupuncture and much closer to seeking treatment and become your newest patient.

It's easy, simple and it works!

Here's the Acupuncture Happy Hour event in a nutshell:

  1. Offer free mini-stress reduction treatment.
  2. Attract qualified people into your practice.
  3. Introduce them to the power of acupuncture.
  4. Overcome any objections about acupuncture.
  5. Enroll them as new patients.

Easy and fun, but not without a little hard work! And, it sometimes takes a lot of hard work before you really get it right.

Remember that new patient faucet I often talk about? Imagine turning the faucet on and new patients start flowing into your practice. That’s how Acupuncture Happy Hour events work, the event is your faucet.

Try it, I think you'll like it! And watch our Acupuncture Happy Hour webinar by clicking here.

Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP
“Be creative and find new ways to attract more new patients”

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