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It's not about the needles, it's about building trust

Today I’m going to say something that might surprise you, and it’s not a joke.

In fact, it’s one of the biggest mistakes I see acupuncturists making everyday, this is because you were never taught this technique in acupuncture school.

This mistake is responsible for a lot of the frustration you face trying to attract patients into your practice, and keep them around for future treatments.

The simple problem is most acupuncturists are offering one thing while their patients are buying something completely different.

So here’s the big idea for today:

Your patients aren't buying "acupuncture" from you. What they're really buying is YOU!

There are two reasons I tell you this.

You need to understand what your patients buy from you has very little to do with needles.

Your patients don’t just come to your office because you know what to do with needles. They come to your office because they place their trust in you to positively affect the quality of their life! To help them achieve their health goals.

If you really let that sink in, then you will fully understand the true value you are capable of adding to the lives of those you serve.  When you understand just how valuable you are, your patients will get it too.

People are seeking solutions to their health problems. And they’re looking for advisors they trust who can provide them with those solutions.

By marketing through education, you effectively build that trust with every simple, straightforward and clear response you give to their questions.

Many practitioners make the mistake of "trying to sell" to their patients. I'm encouraging you to stop trying to sell, and instead focus on properly educating your patients and building a relationship around trust.

Do you see how this can make you stand out?
And, more importantly... how it can make you attractive to prospective patients?

People are willing to get needled by you, and let you work on them and their family members, but first you have to build that road to get them to know, like and trust you before they commit to longer-term care.

I want to again share with you the ONE important tool I wish I knew when I got out of acupuncture school, the Report of Findings.

This is one of the many clinic tools that will build that important trust.

Here are 5 reasons to incorporate the Report of Findings into your practice

For me, the Report of Findings was the cornerstone to my practice and it allowed me to get patients to go from 3-4 visits on average, to 8-12. Needless to say, when I started doing this, my practice began to grow.

It’s a simple tool I wish you were taught while you were in acupuncture school.

Report of Findings - 30% Discount


Tell it like it is. A report of findings is essential to keep patients coming through your door. Patient’s will take notice when you place all the pieces to their health puzzle together in this simple, organized, and colorful way. When you do this, you will clearly illustrate a pattern of disharmony that is viewed and expressed to your patients.Our exclusive Report of Findings help: organize your thoughts so you can clearly report what you have found easily explain what meridian and organ system ...

Keep growing,

Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP
"By building patient trust, 'selling' becomes obsolete"


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