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The Simple 3-Step Acupuncture Patient Referral System

Getting patient referrals is one of the most effective ways to build a stable, consistent and successful practice for these three reasons:
  1. It’s practically free or comes at a very low cost
  2. Patient referrals tend to be very loyal, repeat patients.
  3. You build a practice of like-minded, committed patients

Watch the vide below to learn more about effective methods.



Step 1:
For every new patient you get, mail out a “new patient welcome letter”. And in the letter include a gift certificate or call-to-action card.

Step 2:
When the patient referral comes in for his or her appointment, send out a “Referral Thank You Letter #1” plus enclosing a couple more gift certificates to the patient who gave you the referral.

Step 3:
When the new patient (from Step 1) refers a second person to you, you will send out the “Referral Thank You Letter #2” (and again enclose gift certificates).

You will continue this process for every patient referral you receive.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:
For the best response, you’ll want to write out your patient’s name and address in your own handwriting on the envelope. This adds a personal touch and makes it more likely the patient will open your letter.

I included a few letters that are copyright-free. Please feel free to edit them as you see fit.

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On your gift certificates and call-to-action cards, be sure to include the discount amount, your name, address, phone, clinic hours, payment types accepted and best way to reach you to schedule an appointment (i.e. via phone or online scheduling).

This will make it easier for your new patient referral to book an appointment with you.

Talk Soon,

Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP
Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP

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