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How to Present Value to Your Patients & Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

Practices are able to thrive because of added value. 

Consumers do business to receive valuable services in exchange for their money. If your practice doesn't appear valuable then you won’t stand out among the thousands of other acupuncturists. If you want your practice to be successful you need to incorporate marketing tactics that get results.

These five marketing strategies will teach you how to increase your added value and retain patients.

1) Top Customer Service
As with any business, acupuncture is no different in the fact that we are performing a service for the public. This means we need our customer service to be the best it possibly can. We should treat our patients with stellar customer service, and this begins with the initial patient interaction. From before they walk into the clinic, to when they are on the table, always treat them with fairness and respect. Patient education is key, be receptive in answering their questions and accommodate all their needs. People want to be treated well and will judge your practice based off of customer service.

Examples of great customer service:

  • Treat your patients the way you would want to be treated
  • Educate your patients on the types of treatment you offer
  • Your patient isn’t an acupuncture expert, don’t expect them to know everything
  • Be cordial, polite and offer “service with a smile”

2) Make The Experience Unique

Whether you are dealing with a first-time patient or a frequent patient you need to give them an unforgettable experience every single time. Go above and beyond for your patients, provide a personal experience and create a calming environment so it is easy for them to relax when in your care. You want patients to walk away from your clinic fondly remembering their time there. Chances are if a patient walks away satisfied they will choose your practice for a return visit.

Ways to make the experience unique:

  • Establish a consistent dialogue with your patients
  • Keep a clean and organized practice
  • Burn moxa to create a relaxing aroma

3) Educate Your Patients

Don’t just administer treatment then send your patient right back out the door! You should educate your patients as well. Customers will appreciate it when they walk out of your clinic knowing a little bit more about acupuncture than when they walked in. Use the time with your patients as an informative lesson in addition to a rejuvenating treatment. By providing patient education you will add value and worth to your practice.

Three ways to educate your patients:

  • Stock your waiting room with educational brochures
  • Give your patients supplemental information to take home
  • Ask them if they have any questions about your treatment plan
  • Answer any and all questions your patients have

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4) Supply Handouts & Supplemental Information

Don’t stop care after your patient gets off the table. Continue service past your patient’s treatment time by offering them educational materials they can take to the house. Brochures that explain how to continue treatment at home are great examples of useful information to supply them with. If a patient sees you are willing to take the extra step and help with their day-to-day routine, they are more likely to come back into the clinic for another treatment.

Important handouts to give your patients:

  • Tips for at-home care
  • Educational brochures about aspects of acupuncture
  • Discount offers and deal opportunities
  • Research updates on the latest acupuncture research

5) Add Value Through Discounts

People love getting deals. If you start to offer discounts for your services, it can increase the amount of patients that choose your practice for their acupuncture needs. Experiment with different discounts, get creative and eventually you will understand the most effective way to incorporate deals and discounts at your practice.

Discount ideas to help your practice:

  • Offer two treatment sessions for the price of one
  • Offer a free treatment session after a patient has visited five times
  • Bundle an acupuncture treatment and herbal formula for one fixed price
  • If a patient refers a friend to your practice give them a free treatment

If you want more patients, it is integral you find ways to add value to your practice. Patients want to choose a practice that benefits them. Make your practice that practice. When you add value and incentive to your practice you can transform it into the go-to acupuncture clinic.  

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Top 10 FREE samples

This FREE sample pack consists of our TOP 10 best-selling patient education and marketing tools. FREE! Limit one per customer.

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