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Testimonials are important. Here are 5 reasons why you should post testimonials to your website!

Testimonials are reviews and comments left by patients that demonstrate to prospective patients you are an expert in your field. It’s recommended to try and generate up to three testimonials a week.

Testimonials and reviews solidify credibility. Potential new patients want to understand the in’s and out’s of your practice from a patient’s perspective. 

Nothing says “I want to give this clinic my business,” quite like positive reviews and testimonials from your past patients. Check out five reasons why you need to post client testimonials on your website.

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1) Build Trust

Testimonials build trust within your future clientele. It is inherent, when people read good reviews about you they’ll be more willing to trust your services. It’s a great idea to include client testimonials on your website for this reason alone.

2) Testimonials Make You Real

This goes along with the idea of establishing trust. Testimonials establish trust and show people you are a real business, achieving real results, from real people. People want to seek truth from other people and posting testimonials on your website is one way to assure prospective patients will feel comfortable enough to make their first appointment.

3) Overcome Doubt

Testimonials erase the doubt residing in a person’s mind when deciding to choose your practice or another practice. The addition of testimonials will benefit you. So build trust, overcome doubt and establish credibility with your future patients by adding testimonials to your website.

4) More Content Improves Google Ranking

It is a general rule of thumb to make sure your website is chock full of content. But, you also need to make sure that content is engaging and of good quality. Nothing is more engaging for a prospective patient than reading positive reviews on a health service they are about to enlist in.   Google will rank also websites higher in search results when they see frequent updated, quality content.

5) Testimonials Can Increase Visibility in Google Search Results

When prospective patients are interested in acupuncture they will search for reviews on practices in their area. By adding testimonials to your website you can increase the chance you are found when someone conducts a Google search for an acupuncturist in their area.

You want business, and prospective patients want to find the right practitioner for them, so add testimonials to your website in order to increase the probability that someone will find you when searching on the Internet.

All is well,

Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP
“Testimonials bring social proof to your clinic and is essential to growing your practice online”

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