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5 Common Acupuncture Online Marketing Mistakes

Nobody said marketing your practice would be easy. In fact, there are a lot of mistakes you can run into when building your practice’s online presence.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Many practitioners run into these issues when trying to market their practice, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 5 mistakes you should avoid when marketing your practice online.

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1) You Try to Do it All Yourself

You can’t do it alone. If you try to do everything yourself not only will it exhaust you, but it will take time away that you could use to treat patients in your clinic. You want to be the acupuncture authority, right? You want to be that go-to acupuncturist in your local area? If that is to be true, you must create a team behind you that can help you with your online marketing.

If you don’t have the capacity to hire an in-house staff to assist with your marketing efforts, you can look for programs such as our SocialReach+ service to help you with your practice’s online marketing. SocialReach+ is currently available to our Premium website subscribers.

2) You Don’t Provide Testimonials

Testimonials are important. In essence, a testimonial is a review left by current or former patients attesting to the quality and skill of your services. Testimonials stand out in the eyes of prospective patients. Somebody who is making the decision to use your acupuncture services will more than likely seek out and read reviews about your practice.

Looking for other reasons why testimonials are important? Check out our blog post all about testimonials here.

3) You Aren’t Using Social Media

Do you have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page? If not, you should. It is a mistake to neglect having an active presence on social media. Social media is a great way to interact with new potential patients.

Using social media you can communicate directly with patients, share pertinent information, offer discounts and build a following. Social media is just as good as word of mouth. If you share quality and engaging content on social media there is a good chance patients will share that content with their friends and family.

4) You Aren’t Posting Blogs on Your Website

Remember how we talked about sharing pertinent information? That’s exactly why you should utilize the power of blogs on your clinic’s website. Blogs are informational articles that position you as the expert in your field.

You can either write your own blogs or sign up for our AcuDownloads service here, where twice a month we will post content-rich blogs to your website.

5) You Have an Online Presence but Don’t Communicate

It’s great to have an online presence, but if you don’t use it to communicate and engage your patients, you aren’t tapping into its true value.

So remember, after you craft a substantial online presence, the work isn’t done yet. You need to continually access your website and social media pages to engage with your potential patients and answer their questions.

Try devoting a little bit of time each week where you will answer patient’s questions and build your social media following.

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