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What is Acupuncture - Brochure

What is Acupuncture - Brochure


8 1/2 x 11 full color brochures. Pack of 50.

Often, patients only have a rudimentary understanding of acupuncture and its therapeutic scope. This brochure delves into the history of acupuncture, the concepts of Qi and Meridians, what leads to Qi disruption, and gives a concise introduction to the treatment process.

Our 'What is Acupuncture' brochure is captivating and succinct. It elucidates the principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in a straightforward and comprehensible manner.

With its appealing colors, ease of readability, and succinct presentation, this brochure significantly amplifies your patients' grasp of acupuncture.

A dedicated space on the back flap allows you to add a personalized touch using a stamp, business card, or label.

Use this brochure to:

  • Provide as a takeaway after the initial consultation
  • Send along with your preliminary paperwork
  • Display in your reception area
  • Disperse stacks of personalized brochures at local outlets
  • Circulate a few copies among local practitioners to foster referrals

50 brochures per pack
Size: 8.5x11

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