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Social Media Bundle: Stress & Anxiety


Truthfully we’ve all been there. Life is full of ups and downs, any of us are victims of stress and overwhelm for a multitude of reasons. There are many ways of dealing with these ups and downs. Most of us turn to exercise, diet therapy, and creative expression first, but what about acupuncture? 

Obviously, those of you reading this already know about the many therapeutic benefits TCM has to offer. But simply in explaining its complexity, we often lose potential patients. These graphics strive to bridge the gap for patients by allowing curiosity to build trust and promote taking action. 

These graphics are simple and to the point. 

→ If you suffer from symptoms of stress and anxiety, considering a traditional Chinese medicine perspective can help. ←

This set of 15 social media graphics and captions emphasizes the importance of finding time to create a calm and balanced mind amid the chaos of everyday life.

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