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Acupuncture Video Marketing Creation

Acupuncture Video Marketing Creation


Why should you consider videos for your practice?

  • It gives your potential new patients a chance to meet you without the stress of being in your office.
  • It overcomes objections and make prospects feel more comfortable on their first visit.
  • They provide “Social Proof” for how you can help people.
  • They are a great way to rely on the web for new patients. 
  • Videos can be used as a powerful marketing tool that convey both information and emotion. 

The Purpose:
To help you get 4-6 impactful videos you can use over and over again. You can talk about anything, but I have a few ideal questions - most prospects what to learn about.

The Plan:
I'm going to send you a set of questions to consider and practice. Then - we get on a zoom call together. I'm going to ask you key questions, and help you "Look GREAT" with your answers.

The videos will be like you are talking directly to your patients and prospects, in the most engaging and caring way.

After the recorded video call - We'll take your rough footage, and my expert crew will edit them in to 4-6 videos for you to use.

The Result:
You'll have a small library of great videos, that reflect your personality and healing modality - you'll be able to use on your website, on social media, for presentations, to show in your office ... and to impress referring doctors or corporate prospects.

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