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Social Media Bundle: Back Pain


Sudden and severe back pain can be debilitating. 

For some simply bring awareness to their pain and suffering is enough to encourage healthy lifestyle changes, and this is enough to find relief. 

For others, the pain is chronic. Despite all efforts to implement changes the symptoms continue to be debilitating. 

If you see patients who fall into the latter category, it is important they understand that acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM) CAN and WILL help. 

These graphics are simple and to the point. 

→ If you are suffering from back pain considering a traditional Chinese medicine perspective can help. ←

This set of 15 social media graphics and captions helps your patients (both current and potential) understand the body is a complex system of energy, organs, and meridians. A simple imbalance of this system could be the cause of their pain. These graphics strive to bridge the gap for patients by allowing curiosity to build trust and promote taking action.

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