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Patient Quit Kit

Patient Quit Kit


We have created a Quit Smoking kit designed to help your patients kick the habit

Educating patients on how acupuncture can help them quit smoking has never been this easy.

This kit will support you in marketing this treatment to your patients; prompting questions and inquiries, and offering hope and encouragement to smokers.

Included in this kit:

2 Printable Posters – One is a .PDF, the other is a Word document that can be personalized before printing

1 Stop Smoking Program Sheet – This sheet covers many techniques that have proven effective in helping eliminate smoking cravings. Techniques covered include (not inclusive): aromatherapy, ear seeds, deep breathing, nutrition, affirmations and acupuncture. This is a PDF sent to you electronically and you can print as many as you need. There is a space on the sheet for your stamp or label.

1 Smoking Protocol Sheet – This sheet includes suggested acupuncture points that have been effective in helping eliminate smoking cravings and managing different aspects of going smoke-free. You will have access to this PDF electronically.

1 Quit Smoking Patient Help Sheet – This sheet includes health tips that can be used to help balance and support your patient’s health during their quit smoking efforts. This includes helpful acupuncture points that can be used to alleviate cravings, manage stress and offer headache relief. This is a PDF sent to you electronically and you print as many as you need. There is a space on the sheet for your stamp or label.

1 Sample Letter – Send this letter to your patients letting them know that acupuncture can help them or someone they know quit smoking. This is a MS Word document sent to you electronically to be modified as desired.

2 Social Media Sharing Images – Use the Social Media Sharing images on your website or Facebook page. A great way to a spread the word via your social media channels that acupuncture can help people quit smoking.

1 Ear Point Diagram – Use this diagram to show patients the location of the ear acupuncture points you can use.

1 Patient Help Sheet – Use this printout to share with your patients. You can hand them out in person, or host a class and share them with your patients as downloads and class handouts.

4 Done-For-You Patient Emails – Cut the guesswork out of trying to communicate with your patients. Copy and paste these 4 emails into your email software and send them to your patients.

1 Acupuncture Stress Survey – Use this survey to gather critical information from new prospects. You need a way to convert patients from trying out your services, to setting up several treatments with you. This survey can lay the groundwork to convert prospects into paying patients.

Patient Conversion Checklist – Use this document as a step by step guide to help convert prospects into paying patients. 

2 Social Media Graphics - These are images that you can use to post on to your social media channels.

Here are a few ways to use the Quit Smoking kit:

  • to educate your patients that acupuncture can help with smoking cessation;
  • to stimulate referrals and get patients thinking that acupuncture may help a family or friend quit smoking;
  • at health fairs to attract public attention;
  • as an outline for a Quit Smoking class you can present at your local library, community hall or wellness center;
  • at a health screening event to draw attendees to your booth.

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