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Questions & Answers - Acupuncture Brochure

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8 1/2 x 11 full color brochures. Pack of 50.

Intrigue and uncertainty are commonplace when it comes to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. While some of your patients vocalize their curiosity, others hold back.

When left unanswered, these inquiries can lead to:

  • A lapse in their care regimen
  • A lack of referrals due to unresolved queries
  • Not fully benefitting from your expertise and care

Our Question and Answer brochure addresses the top 22 frequently asked questions.

Stay a step ahead of the game and proactively address potential concerns with this comprehensive and compelling guide.

These brochures are not just an information source, it's a persuasive tool to equip your patients with the answers they need to encourage others to embark on their acupuncture journey.

Utilize it to:

  • Offer as a take-home material post first consultation
  • Include in your preliminary paperwork mail
  • Display in your reception area
  • Distribute stacks of personalized brochures at local businesses
  • Forward a couple of copies to nearby practitioners, soliciting referrals
  • There's a dedicated space on the back flap for you to add a personal touch via a stamp, business card, or label.

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