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Social Media Bundle: Immune Health


Your immune system is your body’s security guard. It is the job of the immune system to deter foreign invaders like bacteria, parasites from making themselves at home in your body. Disorders of the immune system range in severity from mild seasonal allergies to more serious illnesses such as leukemia. This social media bundle explores stress, lack of sleep, lack of movement, poor quality of protective Wei Qi that make us vulnerable to infection.

Obviously, those of you reading this already know about the many therapeutic benefits TCM has to offer. But simply in explaining its complexity, we often lose potential patients. These graphics strive to bridge the gap for patients by allowing curiosity to build trust and promote taking action. 

These graphics are simple and to the point. 

→ If you suffer from symptoms of immune dysfunction, considering a traditional Chinese medicine perspective can help. ←

This set of 21 social media graphics and captions helps your patients (both current and potential) understand the importance of finding ways to incorporate immune-supportive remedies into their daily lives.

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