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Why You Should Survey Your Patients

Have you ever considered
surveying your patients?

When patients give their feedback, it will help you better understand what your patients want or are looking for from your care.

This is a key factor for ANY successful business and its growth. Knowing how patients feel or felt while under your care is a great way to find out what you can do differently and what you have been doing wonderfully all along!

Surveying Your Patients Will:

  1. Give you answers to your well-thought-out questions
  2. Remind your patients you are here to help
  3. Empower your patients to share their thoughts with you.
  4. Get them back in your clinic when they participate
    (offer a mini-stress reduction treatment for taking your survey)


When I surveyed my patients I learned a lot about what my patients did and did not like about our clinic. From the lighting, to our wall colors, front desk staff, to the way I inserted the needles. It was very eye opening! At the same time, it was wonderful to really hear what my patients had to say.

In exchange to answering the survey, offer your patients a “thank you” for taking the time out of their day to respond.

Here are some low-cost ideas:

  • A free 20-minute stress reduction treatment certificate.
  • A free herbal consultation, herbs not included.
  • A half-price seasonal tune-up.

I highly recommend sending a simple survey to your patients. It will be enlightening to say the least and the best part is you can address their thoughts and concerns right away and make informed changes to your clinic to better streamline your practice and address any concerns.

Whichever method you decide to use to survey your patients, be sure you are collecting the information in a HIPAA compliant method. There are many companies that provide HIPAA compliant form builders you can use to create your surveys and easily embed on your website or link to.  Simply do a Google search for "HIPAA compliant form builder".

If you are a premium AcuPerfect Websites subscriber using the included Acusimple scheduling software, you can create your own patient portal survey forms in your Acusimple account.  In this specific case your patients will securely log into their patient portal to complete your survey. Below is a screenshot of the form building tool inside your Acusimple dashboard.

In good health,

Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP
“Surveys can quickly teach you how to better serve your patients”

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