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Using Patient Success Stories To Generate More Referrals

Heads Up - this is a long email because the information is important to help generate more word-of-mouth referrals and build your practice


I get this question ALL the time, wondering if it sounds familiar to you?

Q: “I'm a trained healer, NOT a salesman! What is the best way to find new patients and to get patients to commit to a full treatment plan?”

My short answer is this…

A: Use something everyone understands. Connect with your patients through what I call Patient Success Stories. All you have to do is tell stories about how you have helped other patients with a similar problem. And the sales will take care of themselves. 


“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” - Native American Proverb

The #1 question your prospects want to know is…”can you help me with my problem?” 

Patients are not looking for a medical explanation, TCM diagnosis or prescription…

…they don't need the details presented like the case studies we reviewed in acupuncture school…they need something simple, easy to understand and most of all, it needs to be relatable.

They need something they can remember.

Science is now proving what great leaders have known for centuries, stories are the #1 way to connect with people and to have them understand your point of view.

Stay with me…I’m going to geek out on science for a second…:)

Princeton neuroscientist Uri Hasson, has proven brain waves matchup between the story and the listener. 

“…a story is the only way to activate parts in the brain so that a listener turns the story into their own idea and experience."

"... the storyteller’s brain activity can actually be mirrored in the listeners’ minds – a phenomenon he coined as Neural Coupling."

Storytelling also helps with learning because stories are easy to remember. 

A well-told story is remembered more accurately, and for far longer, than learning derived from facts and figures.  

We are a species addicted to stories. 

Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night - telling itself stories.

Every culture has stories.

All religions have stories…why? Because they are memorable.

When we hear a story that resonates with us, our levels of oxytocin increase. Oxytocin, as you know,  is a “feel good” hormone.

It boosts our feelings of things like trust, compassion, and empathy. 

It motivates us to work with others and positively influences our behavior and actions.

So, why am I telling you this?

Simple…It’s important to develop one, or several Patient Success Stories to share with patients and prospects, becasuse they are…
…are MORE POWERFUL than a testimonial,
…… more believable than an advertisement,
………more memorable than a statement,
…………and they work better at generating interest and word of mouth referrals.

Nothing is more important, and nothing is more fundamental than telling your patients stories about how you have helped people just like them, get better.

Imagine how much simpler your life would be if you had Patient Success Stories to share, that encourage prospects to become patients because they instinctively know, like, and trust you, and can see themselves receiving the same results like the person in the story they just read.

This is part of the proof that you're a great healer for…

…allergies, asthma, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, gut pain, surgery pain, headaches, stress, not sleeping, infertility, weight loss…

Whatever you specialize in in your practice. 

When someone comes in, you have the stories on the key problems you help your patients solve. 

Your patient stories are your library - your proof of success, your proof that you can address.

Here’s a recording of a webinar I hosted with FSOMA called Title: The Science of Storytelling To Attract Prospects Who Want Your Services, NOW!

You can watch that here.

I hope you found some nuggets of inspiration in this email.

Talk soon!

Stay strong.

Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP

P.S. Here are some recommendations:

  • Have at least 1 Patient Success Story for every major ailment your treat in your practice.
  • Give hard copies of these stories to patients when you first meet them, and when you are giving them their treatment plans.
  • Use electronic versions of these stories on your social media, blog and in emails.
  • Have a story about WHY you became a Healer.

P.P.S If you go and watch the webinar, you will be able to download an example of a Patient Success Story that you can use as a template to develop your own stories.

Watch the webinar here and download the template

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