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Coronavirus Resource Page

Welcome! I have compiled a variety of resources to help with the many questions and concerns practitioners and the public is having with the current state of Covid-19.

My intention is not to incite more fear, it is to inform practitioners and arm them with tools, insights and information to win this war on this viral strain.  

Below you will find links and videos on a variety of topics from herbal prescriptions, to nurses doing Qi Gong in the hospital with their patietns, to a lunchtime presentation from the Five Branches Institute of Chinese Medicine.

If you have any resources that I can add to this page, please submit them here.

Thank you for visiting.

Stay healthy, help your family and community, keep calm and carry on!

If you have any comments, or questions you can send me an email here.

Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP

Talking with children about the Coronavirus [PDF] - click here


Five Reasons You Don't Need to Panic About the COVID-19 - click here


US scientists may have completed a coronavirus vaccine - click here


TCM treatment effective against novel coronavirus, says official - click here


8 Steps To Make Home-made Hand Sanitizer - click here


COVID-19 for Nurses: Skip the Rumors and Stick to the Basics - podcast


Threat Of Coronavirus "An Overblown Press-Created Hysteria" - video


Jing Fang Treatment for the COVID-19 Pneumonia - click here


What You Need To Know - 15 Tips For Staying Safe - click here


CORONAVIRUS: How It Compares To The Flu, Pregnancy - click here


Q&A on COVID-19 from Mayo Clinic – Mayo Clinic News - click here


As an ER Doctor "I Need You to Know These Things About COVID" - click here


**** This page is only meant to be a resource for acupuncturists and other healthcare professionals. We are not dispensing healthcare advice. If you are feeling any symptoms that may relate to the flu or current virus, seek medical attention.

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