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How many patients would you like using the 3-eRule

Welcome to September's Success Memo. Each month we'll be curating workshops and patient engagement ideas for you. I wanted to make sure you knew about these 4-5 resources to make your practice more successful.

We're committed to helping your practice grow!

Mark your calendars, these are the special events we're having to make sure your September, October and November are as profifable as possible.

We hope you'll enjoy them!

Talk soon,

Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP

The content you are going to need to get patients through your front door.

1. Patient Engagement Plan (PEP) - We're having a (no cost) monthly content workshop to help you get more patients through your doors, and to give you the key topics you'll need to be using to engage your patients, in your office, on your social media, in your emails, and on your website or blog.

This is our "PEP Talk" to support YOU in rebooting your practice.

COVID affected us all...but we're here to help you get things up and running again.

The purpose of this workshop is to help you build your October - Patient Engagement Plan, (a.k.a., your "PEP" talk). You'll know exactly what to do, and how to do it, in order to re-establish your practice after these tough times.

This month's live workshop is on:

  • DATE: Wednesday, September 16th, 2020
  • TIME: 12:00pm (PST) (It will last approx. 40 min.)

Save your spot here

You'll receive:

  • The top 10 best content ideas to engage and entertain your audience, including what season and holiday topics you should consider and 10 social media ideas.
  • Attend live and you'll receive 6 done-for-you social media graphics and images.

Register for the workshop here

Everyone who registers will have access to a pdf of the presentation - with the step by step examples, and will have access to the recording, and Jeffery's Mystery gift.

Never be lost or confused on how to get more new patients.

2. Question & Answer Office Hours - I've decided to make sure you get your questions answered, so you'll NEVER be lost on how to bring more patients through your door, and how to maximize the profitability of your practice and your treatment plans.

Each month, I'll be hosting Q&A Office Hours where I will field your questions and provide you with answers.

Office Hours #1:

  • DATE: September 9th
  • TIME: 12:00PM (PST)
  • QUESTION: "Which tools should I use to sustain and grow my practice especially in these times?"

Office Hours #2:

  • DATE: September 23rd
  • TIME: 12:00PM (PST)
  • QUESTION: "How can I set myself up for telehealth success and what can I do to keep my patients engaged?"

Register and you'll have access to the recording.

Register here for email reminders.

During Office Hours I will do my best to answer every question. If you have one, you can submit it here.

If you would like your marketing plan reviewed...I'll be happy to do it with you in one of our Office Hour Visits just reply to this email and I'll see if I can get you on one of the Hot Seats. :)

How to pivot and build your plan in case of another COVID shutdown.

3. THIS MONTH'S BIG TRAINING: (NO Cost) - If you can't attend live, make sure you register to get the replay recording.

This month I'm going to host a 40-minute training on How To Pivot and Build Your Plan In case of Another COVID Shutdown.

DATE: September 30th

TIME: 12:00 pm (PST)

You'll learn:

  1. The 3 things to do NOW to pivot your practice for a possible new "stay-at-home" order
  2. The 5 things to start "investing" in to stay top of mind with your patients
  3. How to use telehealth in your practice and the types of FREE telehealth software recommend by 1000's of like-minded professionals

You need to register here to save your spot

You'll get access to the slides, and a copy of the recording.

Mark Your Calendar!

  • September 9th, at 12:00PM (PST): Office Hours
  • September 16th, 12:00PM (PST): Patient Engagement Monthly Marketing Plan
  • September 23rd, at 12:00PM (PST): Office Hours
  • Spetember 30th, 12:00 PM (PST): This Month's BIG Training - The 3 Things To Do NOW To Prepare Your Practice To Avoid A Future Downturn

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Each year I get invited back to Bastyr University to talk with their graduating class about marketing and business development. 

There are a few things that I cover every year, one of them being the 3-eRule.

In this short video I’ll be reviewing the 3 things you should be doing each month and the specific “marketing poles” you should have in the “water” to attract a steady stream of patients. 

Having at least 3 of these poles in the water is your best opportunity to grow your practice.

Talk soon,

Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP 

The 3-eRule: 3 Marketing Events

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