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Are Your Walls Talking?

The time your patient spends sitting in your waiting room is valuable.

Look around your clinic, what do they see? What do they read? What can they take with them to share with a friend or loved one? What messages are you putting out there? What is it your walls say?

Educating your patients is a multidimensional project that does not stop or start in your treatment room.

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Everything from décor to reading materials, and even product placement can affect your clientele’s relationship with the healing process.

Before you begin to treat your patients, they need to know your business is legitimately concerned with their health and vitality.

Preparing your space does not need to involve a large expense or extended periods of time.

Keep it clean and simple, and then let the environment you create help promote and grow your business.

Here are some suggestions to make your office environment, from waiting room to treatment room, a place that not only educates your patients, but also promotes health and well-being:

1) What do they see?
When they walk in the front door, are they greeted with plants that have restricted Qi flow, outdated products and empty brochure stands? It’s easy to keep things simple and clean. Display only those products and materials that promote your current business, keep living plants and flowers trimmed, watered and happy, and never let your brochure racks and business card holders stand empty.

TIP: Consult books on Feng Shui to help you design your space and lay out materials.

2) What do they read?
Don’t display People or Time Magazine, where gossip and advertisements reinforcing the “symptoms = drugs” scenarios are rampant. Instead, display magazines about Yoga, Health, Spirituality and Nature, promoting healthy lifestyle choices and support the “health = no (serious) symptoms” scenario. Books on these topics, such Meridian Exercises or Energy Medicine, are great too.

TIP: Stay current. Don’t forget to get rid of old, outdated magazines.

3) What can they share?
Place literature, educational materials, recent articles and studies in an easy-to-see location.  Education cards are an excellent and effective way to introduce people to a new way of relating to health and wellness.  

While your patients wait, they can read through education cards on topics such as “Acupuncture and Menopause” or “Acupuncture and Depression.” Everyone knows someone who can benefit from what acupuncture can offer.

Check out our full selection of symptom specific education cards - click here.

TIP: Create packets of information based on specific topics like Pain or Allergies, which include education cards, articles, studies and other literature. Attach notes encouraging your patients to take them home and to spread the news to family and friends. Make sure your contact information is included on each item in the information packet, as well as on the packet itself.

4) What do your walls say?
Hang framed posters that promote acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. How about a Meridian Chart displaying meridian pathways and organ networks, or a poster expressing the Safety of Acupuncture? In this way, you can add ambiance to your clinic while also educating your patients.

Check out our wall posters here.

Click here to see how I review our posters with new patients.

TIP: Remember to change them often. After all, change is good and it keeps your office fresh, new and exciting!

These pointers can help you keep your space fresh, new, exciting and educational.

Knowledge is a powerful tool.

If used correctly, it can help you to grow an abundant and flourishing practice.

Here’s to happy walls!

Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP
“Listen to what your walls say about you and your clinic and make changes where necessary”

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