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Web of Wellness

Web of Wellness


There are various aspects of life that affect your patient’s health in different ways. The Web of Wellness is a thought-provoking exercise that will generate discussion between you and your patient regarding their complete wellness picture. All aspects of life are interconnected (mental, physical, financial, spiritual, family, relationship, career and social) and this form will provide a baseline of overall health and well-being.

Wellness care is a billion dollar industry, and more patients are seeking wellness care to support their lives and health. This form will help educate your patients about complete “wellness” care and gives them a tool to identify and explore where their lives may be out of balance.

How to use this form:

  • At the 1st visit (or any other visit): Patients can complete their form to develop a baseline of their overall health and wellness.
  • At their re-evaluation appointment: Have your patient complete a new form and then compare the new form with the initial form completed. Notice where there has been progress or changes in their over-all health and well-being.
  • Use it to reactivate patients that you have not seen in a while. Include a copy of the Web of Wellness along with a cover letter explaining your views on wellness care and ask them to rate their current state of health. Encourage them to come in for a free or discounted consultation.
  • At a health fair or community event—post on your table. The Web of Wellness is sure to generate questions and lively conversation!
  • Use as a hand-out at a wellness workshop/presentation you are giving. The Web of Wellness is great conversation starter and gets people thinking about their complete wellness picture.

8.5 X 11, single-sided, full color. Pack of 25.

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