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The Science of Storytelling Weekend Workshop

The Science of Storytelling Weekend Workshop


This is a 3-hour, weekend workshop.

Date: March 12th, 2022

Time: 9-12:30 PST

The goal will be to give you the tools that you can use to create your own story and patient stories that you will be able to use for the entirety of your practice.

Stories do all the hard marketing work for us. They make our prospects remember and care.

Story marketing works because our brains are already programmed for stories.

When we hear a story, we unconsciously take the place of the person in the story. The benefits they received, become the benefits we think we’ll receive. 

You’ll walk away from this workshop with the tools to: 

  • Understanding which story is most effective for your market,

  •  Create Engaging Patient Stories That Turn Prospects Into Patients, Using the Patient Story format and worksheets that are provided,

  • Craft YOUR Origin and Discovery Story that engages prospects and patients, and helps to position you as the neighborhood,

  • You'll also learn about the the best stories to tell your patients,

  • The 7 Timeless Storytelling Formats to make your storytelling easy to understand,

  • How to create a story that engages your customers,

  • Which media should you use to create your story,

  • Where and how to distribute your story,

  • Create an action plan to develop your stories,

  • and how to create stores that make people, know, like and trust you and to truly understand THE solutions that “you” can offer…

You’ll be coming out of this workshop with the foundations to continually develop patient stories.

You’ll be able to clearly communicate the benefits of your offer and what sets you apart from other practitioners. 

Patient stories are often the deciding factor on whether or not a person makes a purchase and becomes a loyal customer. 

Successful businesses spend a great deal of time, and money, crafting and refining success stories so that they get it just right. 

If there’s something wrong with your marketing, and you’re not sharing these types of success stories, it will fail to connect with your target audience and produce sales.

This is a one-time investment that you will be able to use over and over again.

Imagine how much simpler your life will be when you know you have the perfect story that makes prospects what to become patients because they instinctively know-like-trust you. 

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