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Acupuncture Happy Hour in a Box

Acupuncture Happy Hour in a Box

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ATTENTION ACUPUNCTURISTS: Help People in Your Community Realize The Potential Acupuncture Has To Offer In A Quick And Easy Way

Offer A Powerful Event That Attracts New Patients Like Qi To Your Needle

Acupuncture Happy Hour in a Box is a complete done-for-you new patient marketing technique.

If you’re like most practitioners, money controls your practice and it can create a lot of stress for you.

Because if I were to guess, you would rather be spending your time and energy helping people to get well, as opposed to getting out and marketing your practice.

The truth is that you need to always be doing something to market your practice and generate a steady stream of new patients.

Let’s face it, you can’t build a successful practice without having a steady flow of new patients!

Let me ask you this, what 3 new patient getting strategies do you have going each month?

One? Two? None?

I’ve been helping acupuncturists like you since 2002 grow their practices and get more new patients.

When I graduated acupuncture acupuncture school I struggled with various ways to attract new patients and keep them coming in.

I tried just about every marketing technique in the books.

Some of them were total fall-flat-on-my-face marketing strategies, and others were very super successful!

I have found that by offering Acupuncture Happy Hour events has been one of those super successful marketing techniques!

Let’s face it, the term “happy hour” is synonymous with relaxation, stress reduction and of course heading off to a bar after work.

But with Acupuncture Happy Hour in a Box, you have the power to transform that perception and provide a “healthy” alternative to the bar scene.


Here’s what’s inside the box!
  • 100 Mellow Your Mind Drop cards
  • 100 Join Us Drop cards
  • 50 Acupuncture Happy Hour Gift Certificates
  • 100 Acupuncture Happy Hour Bookmarks
  • 100 Acupuncture Happy Hour Education cards
  • 100 Acupuncture Happy Hour Survey
  • 100 Acupuncture Happy Hour Flyers (that you can personalize)
  • 2 Acupuncture Happy Hour 8.5×11 Banner stands
  • Pre-written, editable patient reach-out letter
  • Pre-written, editable press release

Here are four easy ways that Acupuncture Happy Hour can help your practice grow:

  • When you host this event in your clinic, your patients can share the event with their friends, family members and coworkers. I’ll usually ask them to bring someone with them to the event and they will get a free AHH mini-session. In this way, your referrals will increase.
  • Hosting a AHH is a good opportunity to open up those dusty files and contact your inactive patients. To me, inactive patients are those that I have not seen in 9 months or more.
  • One of the main reasons I started doing AHH events was to increase my new patient load. Hosting an event like this at your clinic will attract potential new patients. Once they arrive and receive your AHH mini-session, you then have to get them enrolled into setting up an initial visit to come back and become a new patient.
  • Most people have no idea as to what acupuncture is and many people have a fear of needles. Hosting an AHH can introduce scores of people to you, your clinic and the fact that acupuncture isn’t that painful, and that it helps to reduce stress and calm the mind, easily and quickly.

Here are simple strategies to market an Acupuncture Happy Hour event:

  • through your clinic
  • by networking with other practitioners, yoga studios, schools, gyms, restaurants, businesses, etc..
  • sending out a press release
  • sending out emails to your client base
  • adding an AHH image to your website
  • posting content about your happy hour event on your social media networks
  • offering free AHH sessions to the Human Resource department of local companies
  • hosting AHH events at local businesses
  • hosting drop in happy hour events at local yoga studios or other practitioner offices

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