The Complete 78 Piece - Done for You

Acupuncture Patient Profit (Digital) Relationship Library

"This is THE "how to make money library" we wish we had gotten in acupuncture school."
- Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP

“The exact-words you’ll need for every part of your practice: including finding more patients, selling more treatment plans, keeping patients on your table and getting more referrals.”

Copy-N-Paste simplicity for emails, texts, blog articles and social media.

PLUS the best way to explain things to your patients when you're with them face-to-face.

This Profit Library is the Ultimate EASY Button for Your Practice

Giving You FREEDOM, Control and Piece of Mind

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Here's What You'll Get...

Module #1 "Resources Proven to Attract New Patients"

In today's digital world, your prospects are looking for instant answers to their biggest problems, and PROOF Acupuncture is a great choice.

Part 1

  • We've been designing compelling "patient magnet content" for over 15 years.
  • Our research has show these to be today's hottest topics to bring people through your door.

Acupuncture for Insomnia (Effects 32 Million People)
Immune Health & Acupuncture (Effects 80 Million People)
Acupuncture for Stress (Effects 100 Million People)

Each Topic Includes:

  1. A Patient Education Card.
  2. A Professionally written ARTICLE on the topic - for use in your office, online and in emails.
  3. A beautiful REPORT.
  4. Research Documentation proving WHY Acupuncture is scientifically proven to get results.
  5. Professionally written sequenced EMAILS set up for an autoresponder that reference these resources.

Part 2 The Complete - Understanding Acupuncture Email Series

  • 11 Articles & Emails explaining WHY Acupuncture is the Right First Choice for your patients. You'll always have the right words ready to go.

There's over 28 professionally designed and written pieces in this section worth over $2700.

Module #2 "The New Patient Appreciation Series"

The #1 way to Make more money, get more treatment plans accepted, and get more referrals - is to let your patients know (in writing) that you appreciate them!

This series includes emails, & articles - PLUS it gives you and your team the exact scripts you need for patient one-on-one conversations.

This module accomplishes these things:

  1. Introduce you and your practice to new patients, so they know you care.
  2. Get your emails whitelisted, instead of going to the spam folder!
  3. Tells them exactly what they will expect.
  4. Gives them a special bonus.
    Positions you to get referrals.

If you paid a professional writer - like we did
theres over $350 in value in this module.

Module #3 "Getting Your Treatment Plans Accepted"

Your income is 100% based on getting your treatment plans accepted!

  • These words make that happen!
  • They work in emails, handouts & one-on-one patient conversations.

3 Professional emails or scripts that …

  • Helps you organize your thoughts so you can clearly report what you have found.
  • Sets you up to explain in person or on a tele-health call:
    • explain what meridian and organ systems are out of balance
    • what you will be doing for them
    • outline your goals and treatment plan
    • identify and explain the stage of care your patients are in
    • how much it will cost
    • your care recommendations and the date of re-evaluation

Nothing is more important then being able to get your treatment plans accepted! We have worked with 1000's of professionals like you since 2005. This are the exact scripts I used in my own practice and with my highest paying consulting clients. I paid my pro-writer over $300 to create these for you!

“If I were any busier I’d need a clone. My practice has exploded… I’m practicing 3 days a week just seeing patients 11-13 hours a day and I’m booked at least three weeks ahead.”

Dr. Mel, DAOM

Module #4 "The Free Report Series - Proving You Are the Right Healer"

In today's digital world - you have to prove your value over and over again!

  • People love getting valuable information - this shows you how to deliver it!
  • This is a model of how to promote your free information reports via text / email.

Includes 5 Sample Emails and A Free Report to Get YOU Started

This teaches how to deliver information that make patients BUY!

The emails, by themselves, are worth over $347

PLUS: I paid $300 to have the "Top 10 Reasons" report written.

Module #5 "How to Consistently Get GREAT Reviews"

Great REVIEWS are vital to your practice & income!

Did you know 90% of your prospects will check out your reviews BEFORE they call you office.

The 2 part email series positions your patients to want to give you reviews as quickly as possible!

Value $147

Module #6 "Patient Retention on Auto-Pilot"

12 Amazing Copy-N-Paste Communications that show your patients how much you appreciate them.

Keeps your patients interested and STOPS them from falling out of care.

Use them for emails, letters, texts, or phone messages or social media posts

Value $647

Module #7 "Patient RE-Activation - The Easy Way"

Sometimes patients fall out of care or do NOT complete their treatment plans.

This wonderful 10 piece reactivation library - brings them back into your office, by encouraging them to talk to you ASAP.

We've covered almost every situation... all you need to do is Pick-N-Choose the one that best matches your patient's situation.

You'll know exactly what to say in an email, text, letter, talking on the phone or leaving a voice mail message.

“Its much more expensive and time consuming to find a new patient - then it is to keep a current patient!”

The Value for all 10 of these professionally written pieces is: $697

RE-Activating just one patient pays for this entire Library!

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Here Are Your Bonuses...

Bonus #1 "Knowing What to Say in Tough Talk Situations"

Sometimes you need the right words to get things back on track when patients don't comply with your requests.

These 11 Done-4-You “Tough Talk Emails / Letters” will take care of 95% of those you can get back to work.

You'll NEVER have to worry about what to say in any of these situations.

  • Cancellation Recovery Letter
  • Patient Boundaries Letter
  • Patient Missed Appointment Letter
  • Patient Refusal Letter - Refer to Another Healer
  • Patient Refusal Letter - Refer to Other Programs
  • Patients Who Waste Your Time - Termination Letter
  • Rate Increase Letter
  • Refund Refusal Letter - Credit Card Cancellation
  • Refund Refusal Letter - Credit Card Chargeback
  • Refund Refusal Letter - PayPal
  • Termination Letter

The value of these 11 pieces is $550

Bonus #2 "The Complete Immunity Newsletter"

I wanted to give you the most impressive Patient Education & Attraction Report we ever produced!

This piece is 11 pages of professionally written copy 

with over 20 graphics and pictures.

You can use this amazing piece in multiple ways.

  • Distribute it in your office
  • Post it for downloading on your website or social media
  • Attached it to emails
  • Teach an online class with it, or make a video from it.

We sell this now for $97 Its your FREE when you get the Patient Profit Library

Bonus #3 - Immunity Social Media Bundle

Sometimes you don't know what to post on your social media pages. 

These 21 Social Media Graphics will take care of months of wondering "what should I post today on Facebook."
We've done the work for you and you won't have to struggle trying to figure out how to motivate your prospects and patients

The value of these 21 Social Media Graphics is $15 - Your's FREE as part of this package.

Bonus #4 Immunity PowerPoint Presentation

I wanted to give you our BRAND NEW Patient Education & Attraction Immunity PowerPoint we ever produced!

This powerPoint slide deck can be used to inspire, inform and educate your prospects and patients about the far-reaching benefits that you can offer them.

We cover 5 of the main points used to promote health, and immune function.You can use this amazing piece in multiple ways.

  • Teaching an online webinar

  • Teaching patients about self-care

  • During Telehealth classes

  • In-person classes for your patients and prospects

We sell this now for $47 Its your FREE when you get the Patient Profit Library

The Value “Your Complete - Patient Profit Relationship Library”

#1 Attracting New Patients (28 Pieces)

#2 New Patient Series (7 Pieces)

#3 Getting Treatment Plans Accepted (3 Pieces)

#4 Free Report Series (5 Pieces + Special Report)

#5 Getting Good Reviews (2 Pieces)

#6 Patient Retention (12 Pieces)

#7 Patient Re-Activation (10 Pieces)

Bonus #1 Tough Talk Emails

Bonus #2 Immunity Newsletter Report

Bonus #3 Immunity Social Media Graphics

Bonus #4 Immunity Powerpoint Presentation

Total Price













Your Price Only $697

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My Personal No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee

It’s simple, if within the first 30-days you are not 100% satisfied with the Patient Profit Relationship Library, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be glad to refund your money!

Have Questions?

How will this be delivered?

You will receive access to a private membership site. This is where you will be able to access the materials and bonuses, 24/7.

How long will I have access to this?

As a member, you will have lifetime access to the materials and FREE access to ALL the upgrades for life!

How will the materials be delivered?

All of the materials will be delivered in the members portal. They will be in word Doc, RTF file, the presentation materials, will be Keynote and Powerpoint slide decks. Your Immunity newsletter will be a PDF. And your social media graphics will be in jpeg and ready for you to add to your social media channels ASAP.