These Materials PROVE to your Acupuncture & Natural Health Patients & Prospects WHY you should be their "Go To Healer of Choice" From Now ON."

The "To The Point - Patient Engagement Bundles"

Including: Beautiful & Engaging Done For You Content & Graphics an Fill-In-The-Blank Marketing Templates and Scripts for Social Media, Emails, Texts, Direct Mail, and 1-on-1 Tele-Health Meetings & Trainings.

I'm so glad I
can offer you this
amazing solution
- Jeffrey

A Couple Quick Questions From Jeffrey:

Are you a little introverted, hate to sell, or worried about being annoying or manipulative when it comes to your marketing?

Ever wish there was a simple and ethical way to really HELP your patients, and not look or feel sleazy? (And get more office cash flow ASAP.)

Have you ever hoped someone would give you the right words, to really ENGAGE your patients and prospects ... so you almost always know what to say, and how to say it. (In person, in the digital world and in print.)

That's why my team and I spent months developing these Patient Engagement Bundles ... because these materials do the selling and marketing for you!

And now, with the need for Tele-Health & Tele-Help Engagement communications,  these materials and trainings are NOW A NECESSITY, instead of an option.

The #1 Advantage to the "To The Point" - Engagement Content - is that it demonstrates why you're the "Go To" Health Authority in your Patient's & Prospect's Minds.

"To The Point Bundles" simply and elegantly put the 'Patient Trust Equation' together for you in the quickest and most effective way possible."

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Immunity Bundle


Calm Bundle


Productivity Bundle


The #2 Advantage is You Can Use Them Today in Multiple Ways!

Imagine having a month's worth of amazing content READY-TO-GO. Everything is designed to be instantly branded - so you're the authority and Go To Resource.

During the Home Quarantine:

  • Practitioners are using them as the content for Tele-Health calls to build and maintain relationships with patients and prospects.
  • For many, these free Tele-health calls evolve into paid consultations to maintain treatment plans, or for new health issues.

To Engage Prospects and Get Appointments and Referrals:

  • Posts and Images are ready for social media, Today.
  • Phone, text, emails are ready to contact prospects and patients, Today.

To cement your position as the Right Choice for your Prospects, and patient referrals - When Your Office Re-opens:

When someone visits your office, your website or your Facebook page, you have to put something in their hands that demonstrates - just how smart and caring you are, without sounding like a sleazy salesman.

To The Point Bundles do that in multiple ways...

  • Practitioners use the bundles as a live training in person and online.
  • They use it as a Take Home Package for patients to show their families.
  • They use it as an online educational series, to maintain relationships with patients.

To Re-Activate Previous Patients: One of the key advantages of the To the Point Bundles is that they are welcomed information for almost everyone.

  • Use them to let previous patients you are thinking about them and if they need any help. This re-ignites the  "Trust Equation."
  • They are also a great way to offer a GIFT - the gift of knowledge, and a no cost Health Checkup on their previous ailments or conditions.

When Your Practice is SLOW:

Sometimes we either forget to engage our list every month - or things just get slow.

  • Use the Bundles to Ignite interest again ... this works especially well when you mail your old patients and contacts with something they have not seen or do not remember. That's why we made them so attractive and Impressive they make you look good anytime you use them.

Here Is What You Get With Each Bundle

The 11 Page To The Point/ Immunity Report (Designed so you're the authority and Go To Resource)

  • Customizable PDF for the entire report
  • Customizable PDF of the individual pages

Social Media Assets & Invitations for Connection Calls

  • 20 Social Media Graphics - professionally designed graphics
  • One Blog post

Done for You Engagement & Marketing Marketing Library (We hired an engagement copywriter to create these amazing Done-For-You / fill in the blank templates.)

Having these templates in your marketing library takes the confusion out of what to say and when to say it. You'll get:

  • Phone / voice mail scripts and invitations
  • Text invitations
  • Email invitations
  • Direct Mail invitations

10 Done for You Instagram Story Posts  

  • Show off your creative ideas and engage with your prospects and patients, without having to figure out what to create
  • Urge people into interaction with your practice by getting a particular message across through a story using these story posts.

Condition Specific Patient Education Presentations

  • We put together a presentation that allows you to create an online course, webinar or healthcare class in minutes!
  • All you have to do is download and share the slides from the presentation with your audience.

Condition Specific Social Media and Website Video

  • Our creative team go together and created condition-specific video that you can use on your website of social media channels
  • We've done all the hard work, now all you have to do is copy, paste and share

"We're Open" Web Ads

  • Use these ads to get the message out that you are open for business
  • Drive awareness to your practice for new prospects and existing patients

Office Hours & Private Facebook Group

  • You'll get access to our private Facebook group where you will be able to interact with like-minded holistic healthcare experts

Here Are The Bonuses Included With Each Bundle


10 Done-For-You Patient Home-Care Sheets (digital version) - $67 Value

  • No longer will you have to figure out what to give your patients for home-care tips.
  • Our Home-Care Sheets take the guess work out of what you can share with your patients
  • Topics Include: Diabetes, Asthma, Cold and Flu, Allergies, Asthma, Depression, Headaches, Hypertension, and more...


26 Professionally Curated Content Articles (digital version) - $97 Value

  • Stop struggling trying to figure out what to write, and share with your prospects and patients - we have done all the hard work for you
  • Use these 26 content pieces as email correspondences, on your website, as social media content, in your monthly newsletter, as direct mail pieces. 


11-Page Presentation PDF - $47 Value

  • Use this PDF as a slide deck for your online and offline patient healthcare classes
  • Each page have a picture of the location of each point, along with how to locate the point, it's functions and indications


Set of All 5 Meridian Organ Sheets (digital versions)- $129 Value

  • Use these organ sheets as an overview for each of the main meridian systems
  • Each sheet has foods to consume and avoid, breathing sounds for each meridian, symptoms and signs related to each meridian system, potent points and meridian exercises for each meridian system

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use these bundles?

You can use each bundle in various ways. You can use them as part of your Telehealth sessions to educate and support your patietns health hand wellbeing. You can use them for content on your social media pages. You can use them as part of your patient email marketing process. You can use them to teach a class online or in-person.  The bundles can also be used as part of your direct-mail marketing strategy. And you can use these bundles as part of your new patient marketing efforts.

How will the bundles be delivered?

Once you purchase one of our done-for-you To The Point bundles you will receive an email that will direct you to our members-only portal so you can access your materials.

Once I purchase a bundle, how long will I have acess to it?

After you purchase your bundle, we suggest that you download it directly to your computer so you can access it anytime, even if you do not have internet connection. With that said, when you purchase a bundle, you will have access to it in perpetuity as long as the membership-portal is active.

Can I print these out?

Yes! We created our bundles with high-quality, professional images that allow you to print them and use them in your practice. We suggest sending the bundles off to get them printed professionally from a local printing source.

Can I get a refund?

Yes! If you are not 100% satisfied and delighted by your bundle, please contact us for a refund withing 30-days.

Here's what some subscribers had to say...

“Thanks for your efforts and great work.  I find your services very useful! I print out the newsletters and research updates to keep in my waiting room and treatments rooms in my clinic. I can easily replace them twice a month and keep the info fresh.”
Christopher Carlow, D. Ac.
“Thanks so much for providing the greater acupuncture community with high quality marketing resources. I’m excited to have reached a point in my practice where I can reinvest some money back into my practice.”     
Cissy, DAOM, LAc.
“I feel so grateful to have these marketing materials because educating your patients is really key, for successful patient retention.  You have made this part of doing business so much easier and are helping our community!”     
Gina M.
“Thanks. It’s really helping me to streamline my communication with my clients and future clients.”     
Bishara Wilson, L.Ac., MSTOM, Dipl. OM

In Review Here's What You Will Get With Each Bundle...

11-Page To The Point Handout

Done for You Engagement & Marketing Marketing Library

Social Media Assets & Invitations

10 Done for You Instagram Story Posts  

Condition Specific Social Media and Website Video

Condition Specific Patient Education Presentations

"We're Open" Web Ads

Office Hours & Private Facebook Group

BONUS #1 - 10 Patient Home-Care Sheets

BONUS #2 - 26 Professionally Curated Content Articles

BONUS #3 - 11-Page Presentation PDF

BONUS #4 - Set of All 5 Meridian Organ Sheets

Choose Your Bundles

SPECIAL - Save 30% when you buy 2 or more bundles!

*Discount applied in cart

Immunity Bundle


Calm Bundle


Productivity Bundle


Our To The Point Bundles are 100% Risk free.

If you feel like you don’t get 10x the value from our To The Point Bundles, reach out to us ANYTIME during the first 30-days, as we would be happy to refund your payment in full.

The Best Part Is…

If you think there is a slight chance that these tools will help streamline your patient education and help you grow your practice, you should get started today!

Because you can try the material and see for yourself if it’s good fit for you for you over the next 30-days. If they work for you, your marketing and patient education process will be streamlined and easier to do.  It’s a no brainer! Download your To The Point Bundles today.