~ For Acupuncture Professionals ~

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Dear Friends,

There are MORE opportunities than ever to help more people, but you have to understand what people are looking for now, and the best way to present it.

Some of the BIG changes included:

  • Clinical proof of the effectiveness of Acupuncture, became a MUST have, to get patients to accept your complete treatment plans.
  • Tele-health calls and online tele-health educational events became main stream.
  • People are staying closer to home and looking for healers right in their neighborhood, so claiming or updating your free listings on Google My Business, and Facebook became vital to be found and rank in your area.
  • Mobile phones became the #1 way people search for you, and evaluate your capabilities. Do you know if your site is phone ready?
  • Online video changed, so you no longer need to be on screen in your videos. (Yeah!)
  • Patient success stories became 10x more important.

I wanted you to have the latest research, so I created this detailed report of what is working now, and recommendations for how you can make it work for your practice to get more people on your treatment table.

Mostly I wanted you to know, you are NOT alone, and we have doubled our efforts to get you the very best information of what is working today to get more and more people coming through your door.

Use this as your reference as you reset your practice, 1 or 2 simple changes can make all the difference, you'll find those changes listed in this report.

Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP