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Report of Findings & Care Plan Combo Set

Report of Findings & Care Plan Combo Set

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Tell it like it is. The Report of Findings and Care Plan Combo Set are essential to keep patients coming through your door. Patients will take notice when you place all the pieces to their health puzzle together in this simple, organized, and colorful way. When you do this, you will clearly illustrate a pattern of disharmony that is viewed and expressed to your patients.

Our exclusive report of findings and care plan set help:
  • organize your thoughts so you can clearly report what you have found
  • easily explain what meridian and organ systems are out of balance
  • what your goals and treatment plan are
  • what stage of care they are in
  • how much it will cost
  • what you will be doing for them
  • what your recommendations are
  • and outlines 3 types of payment options

Simple, succinct, organized and effective! Our report of findings saves you time, keeps you focused, increases credibility, and motivates patients.

Send your patients home with the top copy and keep the bottom copy for your files.

8 ½ x 11, full color, 2-part NCR carbonless forms
(50 Report of Findings and 50 Care/Treatment Plan forms)

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