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Acupuncture Needles: Do They Hurt? - Brochure

Acupuncture Needles: Do They Hurt? - Brochure


Let's face it, one of the biggest objections people have to trying acupuncture is fear of needles.  They associate acupuncture needles with the hypodermic needles used in Western medicine and assume that the sensation will be the same despite the apparent difference in size and thickness.

This brochure is designed to illuminate these differences while demystifying the facts about  acupuncture needles. It also educates the patient about non-insertive forms of acupuncture. It can be used as a great conversation starter with prospective patients who have a fear of needles.  

Use it to:
  • Display at health fairs and/or health screenings
  • Distribute at health classes or wellness workshops
  • As a handout after initial visit
  • Mail it out with your initial paperwork
  • Place in your waiting area
  • Leave a stack of personalized brochures at local establishments
  • Send a few samples to local practitioners, asking for a referral
There is a space on the back flap for you to personalize using a stamp, business card or label.

Full color brochures. Pack of 50.

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